A Growing Problem

Targeting the Weakest Link

Criminals use of hacking is on the rise. Often, hackers are half-way around the world from their victims, in jurisdictions with minimal criminal prosecution of cyber crimes and no extradition to a victims' jurisdiction. As large companies have fallen victim to the effects of hacking, they have begun investing billions of dollars into protecting themselves and their customers.

Hackers have reacted by targeting smaller and medium sized businesses with ransomware and doxing threats, then turning to extortion or selling identity theft information on the black market. Medium to small businesses are often prime targets with little to no security in place and little knowledge of how to defend themselves or their clients. Often, these businesses are not even aware of their level of exposure, with the average cost of any incident starting at $100,000 and the average cost per customer record exposed in an incident totaling about $221.

Our Solution

Defend the Long Tail

Code Defenders was founded by Certified Security Experts who are coders, admins and infrastructure specialists. It was founded on the principle that all businesses should feel confident that their site, their data and their clients’ data is secure. Businesses should be able do that without going broke or losing sleep at night.

Code Defenders isn’t like other security companies. We were founded to help protect businesses from hackers and thieves, not through a single product offering or one-size fits all solution, but through an in-depth analysis of a businesses' needs and how to secure businesses online.

Our arsenal

How we keep your company and clients safe

Code Defenders takes a holistic budgeted approach to Software Security for small to medium sized businesses. Code Defenders three phase approach includes:

    Secure Hosting
  • Hardened Against Attacks
  • Regular Pen Testing
  • Built to Be Secure First
  • Continuously Scanned for Weaknesses
    Code Protection
  • Secure Code Reviews
  • Code Quality Tollgates
  • Attack Surface Mitigation
  • Security Mentoring
    Event Monitoring
  • Deep Central Logging
  • Alarm Point Management
  • Automated Response
  • 24/7 Expert Support


Personal Concierge Service

We do the work for you

Code Defenders handles everything for you. You don't have to deal with complicated dashboards or tweaking settings. You only interact with a real person dedicated to your needs.

Certified Security Experts

We keep your site safe

Code Defenders is staffed with Industry Certified Security Experts who are trusted by law enforcement, financial and insurance companies, and other high-risk clients. These experts help keep the internet safe.

Premium Data Centers

We keep your servers running

Code Defenders partners with top-tier trusted and audited data centers in the US, who provide reliable infrastructure, backbones, cooling, disaster recovery, power continuity, fire suppression and security.

24/7 Support

We are available to you

Day or night, we respond in real time to events so you don't have to. But, if you need us, we are available 24/7 - 365 days, all year. We are not a call center or a ticketing system, but real staff ready to help.

Flexible Solutions

We custom build and secure your project

We don't fit your needs into a pre-built box. We analyze your specific needs and provide a secure custom solution for your project.

Ultimate Protection

We let you rest easy

We work with you, side by side, every step of the way, to secure your site and keep it safe from concept through deployment and beyond.

About Us

Code Defenders isn't like other companies. We were founded to help protect businesses from hackers and thieves, not through a single product offering or some one-size fits all solution, but through an in-depth analysis of your business's needs and how to secure your business online.

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